10 Hair Accessories You HAVE To Take On Your Next Vacation...

Summer is here.. or at least it is in Arizona. Temperatures are getting higher and the days seem to be getting longer.  That means it is time to start planning that summer getaway.  Whether you are planning a trip to CHILL on the beach in Mexico or you will be exploring your favorite Disney park adventure,  you will need to be prepared to manage those hard-to-manage hair days.  

So let's get started.  
#1  Cut-off shorts - CHECK
#2. SPF 100 million - CHECK
#3. Hair accessories and hats.... um.. working on that.  

It's a given that your hair will take a serious beat-down from the summer sun, wind and possibly rain if you are planning to travel somewhere tropical. If you just can't make it work with the dry shampoo or you just want to relax and not mess around with your hair-do every day... it might be time to check out these options as your trendy little backups.  Thankfully there are so many amazing options out there to keep those locks under control.

I have put together 10 hair accessories and hats that ANYONE can wear and look amazing. Which one will you be packing for your summer vacation? Comment below.